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  • Your dream path vs reality
    Keynote talk, Metamorphosis Girls in STEM Conference, 2019

  • Alternative careers in physics
    Keynote talk, PhysiX; Girls Matter, 2018

  • Showing up
    TEDx Downsview Women, 2018

  • What do craters on the moon have to say about dinosaurs on Earth?
    SoapBox Science Toronto, 2018

  • Coming of age in science
    Story Collider, 2018

  • Shoot the moon
    Ontario Science Centre, 2018

  • Planetary exploration
    Sigma XI Distinguished Lecture Series, 2017

  • Earth's battered moon
    Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, 2016

How can we be unique? Dr. Sara Mazrouei recalls moments of being challenged, but realizing that although she is unique - she isn't alone and can breakthrough with support of others around her. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


  • Volcanoes and Remote Sensing

  • Social Media as a Tool for Teaching and Learning

  • Moon Mission

  • Alternative (Science) Facts