Select Publications

  • Mazrouei et al., The Earth-Moon impact flux increased at the end of the Paleozoic. Science, (2019).

  • Allender et al., Traverses for the ISECG-GER design reference mission for humans on the lunar surface. Advances in Space Research (2018).

  • Cohen et al., Impact History of the Moon, New Views of the Moon 2 Proceedings (2018).

  • Jawin et al., Examining spectral variations in localized lunar dark mantle deposits. JGR-Planets. 120, 1310-1311 (2015).

  • Mazrouei et al., Block Distributions on Itokawa. Icarus. 229, 181-189 (2014).

Sara Mazrouei (Earth Sciences) on determining the age of lunar craters.


Research Assistant
University of Toronto
2013 — 2018

Doctoral research on the regolith formation on the Moon through impact cratering and thermal fatigue.
PhD research: The Modern Moon: Studies of Recent Lunar Chronology and Links to Future Sample-Return Missions

Research Assistant
York University
2010 — 2012

Master’s research on boulder formation on asteroid Itokawa.

Summer Research Assistant
OSIRIS-REx/ Center for Research
in Earth and Space Science


Research on primary concepts for OLA (Laser Altimeter) instrument.

Selecting suitable locations for micro wind turbines and solar panels using GIS and optimization.

Summer Research Assistant
GeoICT Laboratory