"Sara's project to determine the rock abundance associated with large lunar craters formed over the last 1 billion years resulted in a paper published in the prestigious journal Science. This research taught a great deal about not only the Moon but also the evolution of the Earth over that time. It shows how combining bright young minds with spacecraft data can lead to powerful advances."


- Dr. William Bottke, Director, NASA/SSERVI Inst. for Science of Exploration Targets (ISET)

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“Sara Mazrouei is an engaging and professional speaker. She gave a talk at our first event ever and did such an amazing job that she has since been asked to return for 2 more talks and a panel discussion. Sara is a great science communicator, is patient with the general public, and cares deeply about spreading the joys that women and girls can experience through a life in STEM.”


- David Hamilton, Host & Founder of Solar System Social

"I have the privilege of working with some of the very best and brightest in astronomy outreach in Canada, and even among such a wonderful group Sara stands out hugely. Her dedication to sharing her work with others through a wide variety of formats and with a diverse audience is unparalleled."


- Jesse Hildebrand, Founder of Science Literacy Week